Plastic Free Cotgrave

Reducing single-use plastics


Community Allies


Community Allies are local churches, groups or organisations in our Plastic Free Community Team


Community Allies take a ‘pledge’ such as to:

  • Remove at least 3 single-use plastic items from their day-to-day activities.
  • Include something about us in their communications.
  • Help us to raise awareness and to support plastic free activities in Cotgrave.

Because they are working closely in partnership with us, they are able to let their supporters know that they are ‘doing their bit’ for the environment and reducing the massive plastic problems we have – and this is something close to the hearts of many, at present.



Cotgrave Library


 The Library team has pledged to reduce single-use plastics by:

  • Using paper bags for Click and Collects (and recycling them).
  • Using a podless coffee machine.
  • Providing washable mugs for community events.
  • Refilling cleaning product to avoid buying more hand sanitisers bottles etc.

Rushcliffe Community and Voluntary Service


 The team has pledged to support Plastic Free Cotgrave for example by helping us to find volunteer website designers.

Cotgrave Country Park


We are so pleased to have The Friends of Cotgrave Country Park join us as Allies.


Following our participation in their brilliant Open Day at the Country Park on 22nd August, they have formalised their support for us.

Cotgrave Community Garden


The Community Garden has pledged to reduce single-use plastics by:

  • Buying compost in tonne bags and reusing, as well as making their own, to reduce plastic compost bags.
  • Using lollipop sticks for labels.
  • Using natural twine for supporting plants instead of plastic twine.

On Saturday 12th December 2020, Cllr. Susan Mallender, Mayor of Rushcliffe (Green Party) came to Cotgrave to recognise the work of the Community Garden as our first Plastic Free Ally.

See the report here

Cotgrave Patient Participation Group (PPG)


The PPG has pledged to reduce single-use plastics by:

  • Using recyclable cutlery eg steel or plant-based
  • Changing from plastic water cups to glasses/reusable cups
  • Replacing consumables such as tea and coffee from a zero waste shop, thereby eliminating plastic packaging


Cotgrave Women’s Institute (WI)


The WI has pledged to reduce single-use plastics by:

  • Using proper/China cups and saucers at meetings and fund raising activities, instead of single use plastic or other materials, for teas and coffee etc.
  • Using paper or card packaging when selling items to the public in fundraising activities, e.g cake stalls. Swapping from plastic bags or containers.
  • Providing facilities at meetings for members to recycle less common items, e.g. crisp packets, bottle tops etc.


Cotgrave Community Kitchen


The team at the Community Kitchen has pledged to reduce single-use plastics by:

  • Replacing plastic cutlery with bamboo
  • Swapping washable mugs used by volunteers for disposable cups
  • Replacing plastic fruit and veg bags with paper bags.
  • Locally recycling soft plastics.


BBC Radio Nottingham


We are very pleased to welcome Radio Nottingham and thank them for their support as Allies, running an item about us in the Mark Dennison show on 6th August 2021, when we were interviewed as part of a feature on Cotgrave. We were delighted that our Allies at the Community Garden were hosting this event.


We are extremely grateful for the support provided on a regular basis by our local free news publications. All three have regularly printed articles bringing our activities to the attention of their readers – this is especially important in helping us to reach the wider community, in a non-digital format:


Cotgrave Connections


Into the Vale


Rushcliffe Local News


Positive Futures


We are delighted to welcome Positive Futures, who are part of the Trent Bridge Community Foundation. Their outreach hub is between The Welfare and The Community Garden, from where they work with young people in the community. The team has pledged to remove single-use plastics from their hub, as much as possible:

  • Refill and reuse plastic bottles in the office.
  • Use bamboo and wooden utensils rather than plastic.
  • Promote the recycling of rubbish.
  • Use washable mugs.


Cotgrave Candleby Lane School


We have learned that Candleby Lane School became Allies some time ago!


We warmly welcome them and look forward to working with them.