Plastic Free Cotgrave

Reducing single-use plastics


Cotgrave Country Park Open Day

Sunday 21st August 2022


We were delighted to be invited back to take part in this brilliant event, run by the Friends of Cotgrave Country Park. It was great to see so many of you there.


This was another great opportunity to meet members of the public at a large, face-to-face event. Although many were from Cotgrave, others had travelled some considerable distance.


Without exception, everyone that we spoke to was concerned – just as we are – about the proliferation of single-use plastics. We were able to share ideas about ways of reducing plastics in the home and in our lives more generally.


There was consensus that this is a considerable challenge, but that there are ways and means of doing this, highlighted in other parts of this website.


Open Day

We again held a (free) competition for people to suggest ways of reducing plastic at home. The most popular tips included: reusing and eliminating plastic bags; reusable drinks bottles; eliminating cling film and using lidded containers instead; using local ‘zero waste’ refill shops and switching onto shampoo bars and bar soap. The winning tip of the day was to give washable nappies a try, even if only for some of the time.


Disposable nappies are one of the biggest contributors to plastic waste globally. They are typically made from several types of plastic, including a polyethylene waterproof back layer and a polypropylene inner layer.


The prize for the best tip was a box of zero waste goodies.


Open Day